Luke de la Nougerede


Luke graduated with a first-class degree in Film Production & Technology in 2011 from Birmingham City University and since then has been pushing himself as a freelance filmmaker.

Luke has been the Director of Photography on projects all over the globe for broadcasters such as CNBC, Channel 4 and the BBC whilst also continuing to direct, shoot and edit branded content. In 2015, he was featured in the press for directing the award-winning film 'Bright(o)n', winning the 2015 Zooppa UK Video of the Year award. The brief challenged him to view his hometown, Brighton in a new light and in a creatively unique way and he always brings this creative process to each and every project he works across.


Whilst Luke often works as a self-shooting director, larger projects demand bigger teams. From working with globally renowned brands and broadcasters, Luke has directed talent on video projects including Dermot O' Leary, Ray Mears, Mo Farah and Lost Frequencies. His first-hand experience of technical duties enables him to carry out his creative vision to other crew members, even when he is not behind the camera. 



Cinematography is the heart and soul of film. Luke is a Sony FS7 owner but is no stranger to shooting with the Arri, Red and various other cinema cameras. Graduating with a scientific first-class degree in film production technology has given Luke the knowledge and experience to shoot under his own direction whilst also being able to collaborate and shoot with other Directors. He is also a qualified and CAA Approved drone pilot which is a unique and specialised trait he can bring to help lift the production value of film & video projects.



From an engaging 30 minute broadcast documentary to edgy 10 second social media loops, Luke has an eclectic editing style which allows him to cut to whatever a project requires. Whether that be a fast and pacy style hitting the beats of the music or attention to detail and delving through hours worth of rushes to find the perfect shot, his edits are always bespoke to what the project requires. Using the Adobe CC Suite, Luke can view and edit 5K content natively for high-end delivery.



  • Self shooting director

  • CAA Approved drone pilot

  • Directing sensitive interviews

  • Colour grading

  • Production management & logistic

  • Sound recording & mixing

  • Multi-cam director

  • Video editing

  • Motion Graphics

  • LED, HMI & tungsten lighting

  • Client handling & liasion

  • Stop-motion